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Janesville College District Official Says Growing State Help Will Present Tax Break | training

Despite an announcement last week that the Janesville School District will receive an additional $ 1.8 million in state aid, a district official said the additional money will go in the form of property tax breaks, rather than going directly to teaching, learning and operations .

CFO Dan McCrea said Tuesday at the Janesville School District Finance / Construction and Land Committee meeting that the 2.9% year-over-year increase in funding for the 2021-22 school year was already budgeted.

McCrea referred to an article in the July 2 issue of the Gazette about increasing state aid to public schools across Rock Counties, including Janesville and Milton, based on Department of Public Instruction estimates.

McCrea said the additional $ 1,877,368 general compensation grant was a relief on property tax.

“It’s a distribution problem,” he said. “When the state talks about putting more dollars into compensatory aid, there are still calculations to be made of what the counties will ultimately achieve. … We go through the audit and we are supported with the actual expenses, not the budgeted expenses. “

McCrea’s presentation touched on other budget items for 2021-22 the cost of which is still unknown, such as the actual state allocation to the district, student enrollment numbers, the Janesville International Exchange Program, final property balanced values, and general general compensation allowance.

After the presentation, Greg Ardrey, the school board’s treasurer, asked, “Is there a budget proposal being presented to the board? We are already entering the financial year. It would be nice to approve the expenses made. Because we’re going to spend the money anyway. “

“That’s really not a problem,” replied McCrea, without setting a date for the provisional budget.

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