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Pay slip for January 2022: what are the announcements main about it salarygiven the changes inIRPEF under budget law? The transition from five to four brackets and rates has led to the need to change the whole landscape of deductions and gods bonusand the first effect has repercussions on what employees find in their paychecks (more or less) at the beginning of the month.

Among the items in the paycheck that the employee’s eye is used to seeing is the supplementary treatment, the former Renzi bonus, of 100 euros. The maneuver, however, has intervened on the bonus, which will continue to be received only up to 15,000 euros of income. The further deduction for income over € 28,000 has been canceled. Who are the citizens who will continue to find the IRPEF credit even in January 2022?

Payroll January 2022: the news on personal income tax and bonuses

From January 1, 2022 the new IRPEF came into force, based on four rates and brackets. The budget law, in fact, eliminated the 41% rate, and intervened on the two plants, lowering them from 27 to 25% and from 38 to 35%. The result is a personal income tax structured as follows:

1st echelon up to 15 thousand euros 23%
2nd echelon from 15,000 to 28 thousand euros 25%
3rd echelon from 28,000 to 50,000 euros 35%
4th echelon over 50 thousand euros 43%

The whole system of deductions has been changed, even for the self-employed and pensioners. For whatever concern calculation of deductions of the employeesthe scheme in the following table must be followed:

up to 15,000 1,880 (no less than 690. For permanent workers no less than 1,380)
over 15,000 up to 28,000 1,910 + 1,190 *

(28,000-income) / (28,000-15,000)

from 28,000 to 50,000 1,910 *[50000-income)/(50000-28000)[50000-reddito)/(50000-28000)[50000-income)/(50000-28000)[50000-reddito)/(50000-28000)
over 50,000 0

These are the general rules, the new parameters on which the deductions are calculated and therefore also the final amount of the paycheck. But how does the Renzi bonus change?

Payroll January 2022: the news on the Renzi bonus

The maneuver also intervenes on the 100 euro of the former Renzi bonus, today “Supplementary treatment”. The bonus up to December was received in two ways, based on the employee’s income:

  • as a personal income tax credit on paychecks for incomes up to € 28,000;
  • as a further deduction for income up to 40,000 euros, decreasing according to the increase in income.

Since January, however, everything has also changed for the Renzi bonus. The bonus is therefore received in full form 100 euros in paychecksonly by taxpayers with income up to 15,000 euros. The further deduction from € 28,000 upwards, and up to € 40,000, has been canceled.

For the income from 15,000 to 28,000 euros a separate discussion must be made, because the supplementary treatment, as explained in the circular of 13 January 2022 of the Labor Consultants, is recognized only if the sum of the deductions is greater than the gross tax.

What deductions? Those of articles 12 and 13 TUIR:

  • dependent family members;
  • agricultural loans;
  • real estate loans for the purchase of the first home until 31 December 2021;
  • income from employment and similar;
  • health costs;
  • expenses for housework (from renovations to energy requalification);
  • donations.

If the amount of deductions due exceeds the gross tax due, the supplementary treatment is paid up to a maximum of 1,200 euros.

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