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Idahoans Obtain Tax Breaks | information

Boise, Idaho – Idahoans will begin receiving direct deposits or mailed checks for income tax breaks starting last week following the passing of Governor Brad Little’s historic tax break package earlier this year.

The refunds are part of Governor Little’s Building Idaho’s Future plan, which uses our record budget surplus for tax breaks and critical investments in critical areas to keep pace with the state’s unprecedented growth.

“Idaho’s economy continues to beat forecasts. We run the country in economic prosperity. This year we achieved the largest tax cut in the history of the state! We returned your tax money with our record budget surplus. “ said Governor Little. “These tax cuts will make Idahoans more prosperous, keep our tax rates competitive and our business climate alive.”

Idahoans benefit from the largest income tax cut in the state’s history – $ 445 million for families and businesses in Idaho, including $ 163 million in permanent ongoing income tax cuts and $ 8 million in ongoing property tax cuts offset by the General Fund become.

“Curbing government spending should be the permanent job of public servants. The repatriation of taxpayers’ money should always be our goal. ” Governor Little added.

The Idaho State Tax Commission has a website with FAQs about tax refunds here:

Governor Little also announced in July that Idaho would again end the fiscal year with a record budget surplus – this time close to $ 1 billion – and that he would seek additional tax breaks and major investments during the 2022 legislature.

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