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Ian Weiner, CFP® presents Simply Retire Now with a concentrate on retirement and tax planning in fashionable occasions

Retire Now, a fee-paying, comprehensive financial planning firm simplifies the retirement planning process for small business owners and individuals alike.

Sep 10, 2021 – Ian Weiner, CFP®, is the founder of Simply Retire Inc. DBA Just Retire Now, a comprehensive financial planning and wealth management company based in Bentonville, Arkansas. Partnership with EXOS WEALTH MANAGEMENT LLC, which provides asset management and insurance services.

Just Retire Now has acquired J. Marcel Louimeus, MBA, ChFC®, CRPS®, AIF® as Director of Institutional Retirement, who is focused on delivering cost-effective, cutting-edge retirement solutions for businesses of all sizes from individual high earners to corporate solutions. J. Marcel was able to reduce overall plan fees by an average of 0.39 percent, increase overall plan performance by 0.27 percent, and achieve active employee participation of 90 percent across all plans. On a $ 10,000,000 401 (k) plan, 0.39 percent of the savings equals $ 39,000, money that Americans get back to work in their chartered retirement plans.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™, Weiner guides clients through the Just Retire Now process with the aim of “being the last financial planner they will ever need”. With a strong focus on tax planning and strategy, Ian has helped clients minimize their long-term tax burden through proactive planning, which in some cases resulted in millions less in long-term and estate taxes. Of current interest to many of Just Retire Now’s clients is a strategy to use an opaque portion of the tax code to defer capital gains and write-offs for up to 10 years, a significant opportunity given the potential for significant retrospective tax increases in 2021.

Ian’s focus is on helping clients move into the “0”% tax bracket through careful asset allocation, proactive planning, advanced strategies and a deep understanding of tax legislation. Just Retire Now enables Just Retire Now to simplify and optimize retirement income for the next generation. Just Retire now works as a “virtual family office” where the team acts as the “quarterback” of a client’s financial plan and deals with their CPA , his estate planning attorney, banker, and more to streamline communications and ensure that all of a client’s trusted partners work together to help them achieve their personal goals.

Interested parties can visit to find out more and request a free second opinion on their financial plan or company pension plan.

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