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Household Workplace Collection Pt. 2: High 5 tax planning traits

This episode is brought to you by RSM US, a leading accounting, tax and advisory firm. RSM develops cross-generational relationships with family offices by providing bespoke advisory services to support the family’s vision in an evolving, digitally-driven world. It is part of a five-part series that sheds light on topics relevant to family offices.

In this episode, RSM Family Offices Tax Boards, Ben Berger and Tommy Wright, join the podcast to discuss five key areas that Family Offices should focus on.

They explain possible tax policy changes related to charitable giving and estate planning, and offer various strategies that family offices can use when planning for 2022 and beyond.

Berger also discusses the implications for a family office’s choice of law, and Wright explains why succession planning and governance are particularly important for family offices today. (Succession planning and governance are discussed in more detail in later episodes of this podcast series.)

Finally, the two talk about planning, reporting, and the role of technology, and how integrated tools like RSM’s FamilySight can meet the needs of modern family offices.

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