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WELLESLEY, Mass., September 14, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – GW & Wade, LLC, the independently run financial advisory firm with approx. $ 8 billion of Assets Under Management (1), celebrating 35 years serving individuals and families. GW & Wade has managed many facets of its clients’ financial lives since 1986, and this client-centric approach has played a significant role in GW & Wade’s growth over the past 35 years. The company has offices in Greater Boston area, Silicon Valley and Metro DC and today supports customers across the world The United States.

When GW & Wade was founded in 1986, the financial services landscape was radically different than it is today. Asset management in the 1980s was largely sales driven, and advisors focused more on selling products than on whether or not those products were in the best interests of their clients. The founders of GW & Wade sought to move from this business model to one where the needs of their customers came first.

“We looked at the landscape in 1986 and thought, ‘We can do better,'” said Roger Wade, Co-founder and principal of the company. Another GW & Wade director, Tim Pinch, I Agree. “Our goal has always been to build a trusting relationship with our clients that lets them know we care and do their best. The wealth management industry has changed over time to become more like us than ours Core philosophy confirmed. “

From the beginning, the company has focused on providing comprehensive investment management, financial planning and tax services tailored to each client’s needs.

“When we first started, our only focus was building the business, customer by customer,” added Roger. “We knew as long as we serve each customer with compassion and genuine concern for their well-being, and as long as their well-being is at the forefront of the advice we give them, everything else will work out.”

Tim agreed. “Other asset managers focus on generating income with their clients. What sets us apart is our focus on relationships – our goal is to build relationships with our customers that will last for decades and generations. We take great pride in the fact that we are working with the grandchildren of some of our original customers. “

In 2007 GW & Wade joined Focus Financial Partners as one of the first Focus partner companies. “Joining Focus has allowed us to have a tiered generation of partners in our management company, which makes us a much stronger company,” said Roger.

“GW & Wade is a leader in this industry, built by talented entrepreneurs with a passion for excellence and an unparalleled commitment to customer service,” said Rudy Adolf, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Focus. “Roger, Tim and the rest of the GW & Wade team have been incredible partners over the years and have used our resources and intellectual expertise to strengthen and grow their businesses. The Focus partnership would not be what it is today without your decision: “to join us and put your unshakable trust in us.”

Building on the success of the past 35 years, the management of GW & Wade remains firmly focused on the next 35 years and beyond. Recognizing the need to connect with the next generation and build relationships with young investors, the company has built a robust social media presence. The input from younger employees is invaluable to the company’s long-term business strategy. The company has also appointed a number of junior counselors as principals, and the prospects of these newer principals will serve GW & Wade well as it evolves to serve the next generation of customers. “It is very important that each generation of the GW & Wade team contribute to how the company is run and how we communicate with and support our customers,” noted Tim.

“Tax laws will change, investment products will change, technology will change – the future success of this company will ultimately be in the hands of the people who advise our clients,” said Roger. “In order to acquire and retain customers, you need people who are humble and competent, but most of all you need people who take care of us. We have a team of people who embody all of these qualities and we are constantly building most importantly, what we can do to prepare this company for the future. “

About GW & Wade, LLC

GW & Wade, LLC is an independently owned financial advisory firm with approx. $ 8 billion in assets under management. (1) The company is based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, with further offices in Greater Boston area, Silicon Valley and Metro DC For over 35 years, GW & Wade has served successful individuals and families and provided comprehensive investment management, tax, financial, pension and estate planning services. GW & Wade also offers share compensation and tax planning services and seminars for the management of public and private companies. In 2007, GW & Wade joined Focus Financial Partners, which is now a subsidiary of Focus Financial Partners Inc., a public company, as an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Focus Financial Partners, LLC.

In 2020, GW & Wade was named one of America’s Top RIA Firms by Barron’s Magazine, which recognizes the country’s leading independent consultants. The companies are classified according to assets under management, turnover and quality of practice. Please see our awards and recognition disclosure at

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(1) As of December 31, 2020.

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