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GSD calls for readability in personal tax returns

The GSD on Monday called on the Gibraltar government to make it clear to taxpayers how to fill out tax returns this year.

The party said it had received complaints that personal tax returns could only be completed online and the required form could not be downloaded.

It also noted that there had been no government instructions or confirmation of the deadline for completion, which is usually late November.

“Taxpayers would normally have received a paper tax return for 2021/22 by now, which would have to be filed by November 30th to avoid penalties,” said Roy Clinton, GSD shadow minister for public finances.

“If it is true that tax returns can only be filed online, it is noteworthy that there have been no announcements or government guidance.”

“This information appears to have been conveyed through word of mouth.”

Mr. Clinton said the Income Tax Bureau announced last August that it would no longer issue paper IT1P tax returns and that eServices would replace them.

However, this decision was reversed and paper returns for 2020/2021 were issued as usual in the past.

“Registering for eServices, and now for tax eServices, is confusing for many, especially the elderly, and the government needs to proactively explain what is now expected of taxpayers,” Clinton said.

“The IT1P 2021/2022 form is not available on the government website and raises the question of how tax returns can be prepared from those who do not have access to eServices.”

“At a time when the government must ensure tax collection, it is remarkable that it has been so negligent in ensuring that taxpayers understand what is now being asked of them.”

“I would like to call on the government to issue a notice and guidance to allay public concerns.”

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