Corporate Tax

Greens concern corporate tax insurance policies to boost an extra $ 4.5 billion per yr

Large multinational corporations would pay up to $ 4.5 billion more in taxes and reveal much more about their insides in the Australian market, while punishing proponents of tax avoidance programs under a number of Green directives.

In a move that, along with other measures that the Greens admit, would increase the tax burden on large companies and wealthy individuals by US $ 391 billion over the next ten years, party leader Adam Bandt will “steal” funds on Saturday Multinational corporations declaring Australian taxpayers must stop.

The Greens chief Adam Bandt will announce a series of measures that close loopholes to minimize corporate taxes.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

Both major parties have targeted multinational taxes in their policies for the past decade following revelations about mass avoidance and, in some cases, corporate tax evasion at the time of the global financial crisis.

It is expected to be part of an effort by Labor and the coalition to fix the budget, which is said to be in deficit of more than $ 100 billion this year. The gross national debt hit a new record of $ 857 billion on Friday.

Speaking to the national Green Conference, Mr Bandt will outline a number of measures he believes will prevent multinational corporations from avoiding paying Australian corporate taxes.


The measures, calculated by the independent parliamentary budget office, would generate additional revenue of $ 4.5 billion by 2031-32.

“Right now we are all being ripped off by multinationals hiding their profits in tax havens, mailbox companies and using accounting tricks to pay their fair share of taxes,” he will say.

“We have to close the loopholes and stop the cash train leaving our country. Tax law may be complicated, but the moral is pretty simple. We are being robbed and have to get this money back. “

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