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Governor Pete Ricketts Talks COVID-19, Property Tax Aid Whereas Visiting Fremont Native Information

Ricketts also pointed to the distribution of the vaccine in the state, saying he wanted to keep pushing Nebraska to be a leader in the country. Currently, Nebraska ranks 18th in the country in doses given per 100,000 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Data from the New York Times shows the state ranks 21st when it comes to first-dose vaccinations in the country, with 17% of the state’s population receiving the first dose. “That way, we get enough people’s antibodies to stop the virus from spreading and we can go back to a more normal life,” he said. “Here in Nebraska, we’ve really tried to find that balance.” Ricketts also discussed key pieces of legislation to be debated during this year’s legislature. Under LB 1107, which passed the ImagiNE Nebraska Act in 2020, along with the state’s Property Tax Credit Relief Fund and Nebraska Homestead Exemption, Ricketts said the state would offer $ 1.7 billion in tax relief over the next two years. USD can grant years. Under LB 408, introduced by Senator Tom Briese for the current legislature, Ricketts said the state could limit property tax increases to 3% per year. Over the past 10 years, property taxes have risen an average of 4.3%, according to Ricketts. “You can say, ‘Well that doesn’t sound bad,’ but the problem is, when you put it together year after year, your property tax has gone up almost 52%,” he said. “That comes at a time when incomes only grew 48% and inflation was only 18.7% in the same 10 years.” Ricketts said the rise in property taxes over the past 10 years had angered Nebraskans, adding that the laws being put in place would bring much-needed relief. “This bill will ensure that the relief that the state provides goes into people’s pockets,” he said.

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