Personal Taxes

Governor Jim Justice will maintain a digital city corridor to debate the proposed revenue tax waiver

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Governor Jim Justice (R–W.Va.) Held his first virtual town hall tax waiver proposal Monday afternoon to answer questions from local residents about his proposal to waive state income tax.

Many questions remain unanswered about the proposal, including how the state can offset its losses.

The judiciary has pointed to the state’s expected population growth to make up for the difference. He explained what could be done immediately if such a proposal came into force.

“I think we can cut everyone’s taxes in half right now, and then I would suggest that we take a break and wait and watch our growth, control our growth and everything, and use a bucket, or not necessarily a bucket, but our growth to go the rest of the way without collecting taxes, without doing anything else, ”Justice said.

The judiciary has said he refuses to impose taxes on food and gasoline, or to increase vehicle registration and license renewal fees.

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