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Gottheimer, Suozzi, Younger and Garbarino announce new non-partisan SALZ caucus to struggle for tax breaks for center class households

Gottheimer, Suozzi, Young and Garbarino announce new non-partisan SALZ caucus to fight for tax breaks for middle class families

32 Democrats and Republicans join

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, April 15, 2021, US representatives Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5), Tom Suozzi (NY-3), Young Kim (CA-39) and Andrew Garbarino (NY-2) announced the formation of the new bipartisan SALT to Caucus advocates a new tax break through Congress.

“We are officially forming a new bipartisan group – the SALT Caucus – because it is high time for all of our members and for the tens of thousands of middle-class families we represent for Congress to reintroduce state and local tax deductions Getting dollars back into the pockets of so many families – especially as we recover from the pandemic. “ said Rep. Josh Gottheimer, co-chair of SALT Caucus. “This bipartisan group we are creating today, with members from coast to coast and across the political spectrum, are all banding together to reintroduce state and local tax deductions, find a way to do it in Congress and actually do it achieve tax breaks for the hard working middle class families we represent. “

“Our efforts to restore the SALT trigger are gaining momentum. Together, Democrats and Republicans, we will work to restore the SALT withdrawal and highlight the middle-class families who have been wrongly hurt by the cap. ” said Rep. Tom Suozzi, co-chair of SALT Caucus. “The SALT withdrawal cap has been a severe blow to New York and middle class families across the country. Ultimately, we need to fix this injustice. “

“Hardworking Californians in the 39th district and in my home state have been burdened adequately by high state and local taxes. It is estimated that California’s 39th District will pay an average of more than $ 640 million in tax year 2022 due to the SALT cap. “ said Rep. Young Kim, co-chair of SALT Caucus. “I am proud to fight for lower taxes for my constituents as co-chair of the SALT Caucus and look forward to working together to ensure California workers and families can keep more of their hard-earned money.”

“The SALT cap punishes working class Long Islanders. From firefighters to police officers, teachers, nurses and small business owners, I hear from people every day what a devastating blow the SALZ cap has dealt them. I am proud to co-chair the non-partisan SALT Caucus to fully restore the withdrawal once and for all. ” said Rep. Andrew Garbarino, co-chair of SALT Caucus.

“A critical component of our macroeconomic recovery must be the lifting of the state and local tax deduction cap set by the 2017 Tax Act.” said Rep. Mikie Sherrill, vice chairman of SALT Caucus. “There is a misunderstanding that the SALT vent does not help middle class families. But in areas with a high cost of living like my district, SALT is actually instrumental in helping our middle class residents such as teachers and law enforcement officers who rely on this deduction to afford the high cost of living in our area to make ends meet. To be clear, the 2017 tax legislation was specifically aimed at states and communities like mine that have prioritized major investments in our public schools, living wages for workers, and the environment. The list goes on. I am proud to start this bipartisan caucus to ensure we families in New Jersey and across the country are making a profit on this matter. “

“The cap on state and local tax withholding harms middle-class California families.” said Rep. Katie Porter, vice chairwoman of SALT Caucus. “During the coronavirus pandemic, our state and local governments have led public health efforts for testing and vaccines – a powerful reminder of the important work they are doing. By restoring the state and local tax deduction that has been part of our tax laws since its inception, taxpayers and municipalities can invest in their priorities and level the playing field for federal taxation between states. “

“The counties are at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting nearly 1,000 hospitals, more than 1,900 health authorities and other services essential to the safety and wellbeing of residents. The human and financial implications of addressing this health and economic emergency are astounding. “ said Matthew Chase, executive director of the National Association of Counties. “We applaud the formation of this bipartisan caucus to campaign for the lifting of the state and local tax deduction cap that would restore our local control over our tax systems and strengthen the ability of our counties and local communities to provide essential public services such as emergency response, public health and infrastructure. “

The tour of SALT Caucus consists of:

Co-Chairman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5)

Co-Chairman Tom Suozzi (NY-3)

Co-chair Andrew Garbarino (NY-2)

Co-Chair Young Kim (CA-39)

Bill Pascrell Jr. (NJ-9), vice chairman of SALT Caucus

Katie Porter (CA-45), vice chairwoman of SALT Caucus

Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11), vice chairman of SALT Caucus

Jamie Raskin (MD-08), vice chairman of SALT Caucus

Chris Smith (NJ-04), vice chairman of SALT Caucus

Lauren Underwood (IL-14), vice chairwoman of SALT Caucus

The other founding members of the SALT Caucus are: Representatives Danny Davis, Nicole Malliotakis, Julia Brownley, Judy Chu, Lee Zeldin, Michelle Steel, Mike Levin, Jimmy Panetta, Jimmy Gomez, Brian Higgins, Jerry Nadler, Tom Malinowski, Jeff Van Drew, Alan Lowenthal, Anna Eshoo, Andy Kim Ted Lieu, Brad Schneider, John Larson, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Mike Garcia and Gregory Meeks.


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