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Give me an opportunity! – Tax planning throughout the Biden administration | Gerald Nowotny

I have been publishing my articles on JD Supra since August 2012. I am grateful to JD Supra for helping me spread the Nowotny Tax Gospel to readers. To date, my articles have had 523,887 views. If my mother and father (with blessed memories) were still with us, I would attribute the views to them. My articles are always a bit bizarre, but mostly offer something new to say. Before the pandemic, my marketing was limited to articles. I’ve spent more on marketing since the pandemic. than all previous years combined. My reasoning was that the investment was necessary to become a “contender”.

My professional background is not as simple as that of a traditional lawyer who studied law and only worked as a lawyer. After graduating from West Point and doing military service, I went to law school and completed the JD and LL.M programs at the University of Miami while working full-time in the life insurance industry. After graduating from law school and admitting to the bar, I stayed in the financial services sector for better or for worse. I started my career in Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) in 1999, where I worked for two life insurance companies and a major insurance broker (Marsh) before setting out on my own to implement high net worth and institutional solutions with private placement insurance products

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