Tax Relief

Ganguly’s failure to acquire a tax break of about 1,000 crore additionally compelled the occasion out of India

New Delhi, June 28th: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has informed the International Cricket Council (ICC) that the 2021 edition of the T20 World Cup will be relocated to the UAE. While the COVID-19 pandemic is a primary reason for the move, gaining tax exemption was also a hurdle that led the BCCI to eventually choose the UAE.

In an interview with ANI, an official from a state association who attended the BCCI special general meeting on 29.

“The BCCI President had informed the members during the virtual SGM that they are trying to get a tax exemption from the Indian government to host the T20 World Cup in India. Without the tax exemption, the BCCI would have a charge of approximately Rs 1,000 crore while revenues would remain the same regardless of who is hosting the event or where it is being held.

“Ganguly had informed the BCCI members that the Indian board would not host the tournament in India if they did not receive a tax exemption.” said the official.

The official said members were not too surprised that the BCCI was not receiving preferential treatment from the government, even if general perception was in that direction.

“Even at the time of the SGM, members expected that the BCCI would not host the T20 World Cup in India as the general opinion was that the BCCI might not receive tax exemptions. To be honest, the government is not giving the BCCI any preferential treatment to the other sports federations and therefore it was always difficult to get a tax exemption that had previously been obtained for a previous World Cup tournament “, explained the officer.

The SGM also said that the rest of the Indian Premier League games would be played in the United Arab Emirates, as the monsoon season in the country would make it impossible to host the games in India.

Coming back to the tax issue and relocating the flagship event, another representative from the state association said while critics will attempt to analyze how the BCCI chief should have found a way out to avoid the situation, it is time to step up to concentrate on the way ahead and prepare the successful implementation of the event.

“Of course there will be plenty of analysis of how Ganguly should have worked with the ICC to prevent the tournament from being rescheduled from India instead of pinning his hopes on tax exemption, something that was beyond the control of the BCCI or the ICC , but that’s all in hindsight. At least now that that decision is out of the way, the focus will shift to cricket and preparations for the World Cup. ” said the official.

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