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French view on corporate tax, credit score bureau shutdowns, and residential shopping for ideas

The The French Minister for European Affairs Clément Beaune European in a letter published in the Irish Times and in an interview with Lara Marlowe, appealed to Ireland to reconsider its opposition to a worldwide minimum corporate tax rate.

The Irish credit bureauOwned by a group of current and past lenders in the state, has informed users that it plans to close by the end of the year, raising concerns among some non-bank lenders that the resulting creditworthiness “data gaps” are driving lending to small businesses Could affect companies. Joe Brennan knows the details.

The government should Expansion of its main pandemic wage support program by the middle of next year, PwC said in an upfront budget filing. Eoin Burke-Kennedy reports.

Sigmar recruitment, one of the country’s leading recruiters says the skilled labor market has seen its busiest in two decades as the expected return of workers to the office has sparked a surge in people choosing to change jobs. Mark Paul has the details.

Difficulty buying a home? Fiona Reddan has some tips on how you can potentially get more credit in our personal finance function.

Could a number of lenders exit, actually result in that lower mortgage rates? Cantillon examines an analysis of Goodbody’s Eamonn Hughes.

In questions and answers, a reader outlines a Complex family inheritance issue following the death of her sister and her sister’s son in 2019. Dominic Coyle offers some advice.

In Media & Marketing, Laura Slattery says it would be wrong to let go Jeff Bezos is ruining the place for the rest of us, now that he has stepped down as CEO of Amazon.

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