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Free tax preparation throughout the area via AARP and Rappahannock United Means | Bulletins

Rick Smith, AARP Tax Aide Volunteer, helps Betty Jo Bryant with her taxes at the Salem Church Library.

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Rapppahannock United Way volunteers Jim Shelton and Katie Mills go through the information as they prepare for Koren Cole’s taxes at the nonprofit offices.

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AARP and Rappahannock United Way are offering free tax preparation through April 15th. COVID-19 restrictions are affecting these programs. Appointments should be made in advance as walk-ins are not possible.

Starting in mid-February, AARP will offer free tax preparation in Fredericksburg and Stafford counties, Spotsylvania, Orange, Culpeper, Essex and Caroline. Call your nearest location now to receive information packs and appointments. Library-based websites may open later than mid-February due to COVID library closings. The dates run until April 15th, according to the opening times of the website.

The AARP Tax Aide program provides free tax preparation for families and low-to-middle-income individuals whose returns are part of volunteer training. Space constraints and fewer volunteers will severely limit the number of returns prepared this season. Individuals with adjusted gross income greater than $ 125,000 and complex tax problems should consider other tax preparation options to help AARP volunteers focus on those who really need these services. AARP membership is not required.

New procedures are being introduced to ensure the security and efficiency of tax preparation. A tax package must be obtained and completed before the personal appointment. All tax documents must be collected and the admission form (13624-C) must be completed and signed before the appointment can begin. Masks are required for personal appointments without exception. The opening times and days vary depending on the location. The dates are set when making an appointment. There are no accessible appointments available at any location.

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