Tax Preparation

Free tax preparation supplied within the library information

AARP Property TaxAide has started scheduling appointments for the preparation of federal and property tax returns at the Farmington Public Library, 101 N. A St., starting the first week of March.

Taxes are prepared Tuesday through Thursday through April 15th. The program is open to taxpayers of all ages and AARP membership is not required. All volunteers are trained and IRS certified every year.

Call 573-366-6411 to schedule an appointment. Do not call the library as the library staff cannot make appointments or provide any information about the program.

Once the date is set, due to COVID-19 restrictions on the number of people admitted to the library at any given time, you should not arrive earlier than planned at the library.

The following documents are required, otherwise no taxes can be created: A copy of the income tax return for the last year, photo ID, W-2 forms from each employer, unemployment benefit statements, SSA-1099 forms when paying social security benefits, social security payments to underage relatives , SSI, All 1099 forms (1099 INT, 1099 DIV etc.) with interest and / or dividends and documents with the original purchase price of the assets sold, 1099-MISC with other income, 1099-R if an annuity or annuity received, all forms detailing federal income tax paid, any receipts or canceled checks if any deductions are listed, service provider details (name, employer ID, social security number), and social security cards or other official documentation for the taxpayer and all dependents.

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