Tax Preparation

Free tax preparation continues to be accessible to eligible residents by means of FiveCAP

MANISTEE COUNTY – With the deadline for filing taxes now extended to May 17th, employees still have time to contact FiveCAP, Inc. to see if they are eligible for free tax assistance.

Each year, FiveCAP assists low-income residents with federal and state tax preparation. That means free preparation for federal and state income credits and returns.

In addition, FiveCAP also assists in filing property / homestead rental credits, home heating credits, and child tax credits to help people get back the money they need to offset the cost of living.

Residents may be asked to bring the following documents to their appointment:

• all W-2 and / or 1099 forms;

• Annual accounts for those receiving social security benefits;

• Declarations on the independence of the family from the Ministry of Health and Human Services;

• Declarations of maintenance for children;

• unemployment benefit statements;

• other profit and loss accounts in 2020;

• heating costs from the previous year;

• Property tax returns (summer and winter) with a state-balanced value;

• and birthday and social security numbers for yourself and everyone in your household.

Eligible individuals can contact Manistee County FiveCAP at (231) 723-8327 to schedule an appointment.

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