Tax Preparation

Free Tax Preparation and Digital Submitting – Henry County Instances

From February 12th through April, seniors and low-income individuals can file a free tax return with free electronic filing at an AARP location in McDonough. Consultants will only work on Mondays.

You MUST have an appointment to be served. Call Elaine Childs at 770-778-3363 on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Saturdays to make an appointment. The American Legion Post 516 allows its facilities to be used this year. You will follow the CDC protocol for safety. You will NOT help people who arrive without an appointment.

Given the tax changes over the past year and the very high standard deduction, there are many who don’t need to file and many who have made a listing in the past don’t need to.

When you come to prepare, you will need: Your 2019 tax return; Photo IDs and social security numbers for yourself, your spouse and all relatives; W-2; SSA 1099; 1099R; 1099 INTs; 1099 DIV’s; 1099G’s, 1099 NEC’s, stock reports – all sources of income. If you were insured through the marketplace, you should have the 1095 form. Even if you don’t list, you can deduct up to $ 300 for proofed posts.

When listing, bring receipts or clear records of medical expenses, insurance premiums, mortgage interest, property tax, donations, etc. Please sum up your receipts before you come. Since the standard deduction has increased for 2019, these must be very large deductions.

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