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Free File permits Rhode Islanders to organize and file their personal earnings tax returns on-line without cost

PROVIDENCE, RI – Many taxpayers will be able to file their federal and Rhode Island personal income tax returns online for free this season using the Free File program available on the Rhode Island Division of Taxation website.

To use the Free File program, go to the Rhode Island Division of Taxation’s Free File website and review the free offers from five popular online tax providers displayed on that page to see which you may be eligible for. Choose the one that best suits your needs and click on it. The following is the link to the Rhode Island Tax Department website listing all free file offers for this tax season:

The federal and Rhode Island tax return season is now officially open. If you are eligible for a free file, you can now create and electronically file your own federal and Rhode Island income tax returns for free through the Tax Department’s website.

“Free File Online products offer free state and Rhode Island tax filing, free electronic filing, and free direct deposit refunds to ensure you get your money faster,” said Neena Savage, Rhode Island Tax Administrator. “We encourage do-it-yourself taxpayers to visit our website and see if they are eligible for any of the Free File offers,” she said.

Free File can be particularly attractive for the following groups:? College students; ? Young adults; ? First time registrants; ? Seniors and retirees; ? People in the military; and ? Some young families.

However, these are not the only taxpayers who can benefit from it. To see if you can qualify, read each Free Files listing for full details. The Free File website of the Rhode Island Division of Taxation lists the Free File offers in alphabetical order and includes a brief description of each offer and a direct web link to each offer.

Remember: Each listing on the Division of Taxation Free File website is for free online tax generation and your personal federal and Rhode Island income tax filing. The department encourages do-it-yourself taxpayers to carefully read the information on each listing before starting the registration process.

OTHER FREE FILE ITEMS The department encourages taxpayers to consider the following:? You must be eligible for Free File and file both your federal and state declarations on the same Free File program to avoid fees. ? If you have already submitted your federal declaration via another electronic registration service, you cannot submit your state declaration electronically. ? Filing your taxes electronically may be chargeable if you do not meet the Free File program qualifications. ? Before you begin online tax preparation and electronic filing, it is important to collect all of the records that you would normally need to make a full and accurate statement, including Form W-2 pay slips, Form 1099 slips, Social Security numbers and the bank account information. ? Electronic filing is the only method available to deposit your personal Rhode Island income tax refund directly into your bank or credit union account. No direct deposit is possible for paper returns. ? The Free File offers are available through October 2021 for returns covering the 2020 tax year.

The Free File Offers are not created or endorsed by the Rhode Island Tax Administration. Rather, they are made by private tax preparation companies who have agreed to provide free online tax preparation and e-filing services (based on income and / or other criteria) to qualified individuals. Those do-it-yourself taxpayers who wish to take advantage of the program should carefully read the details of each offering before beginning their tax preparation and filing: .php.

ABOUT THE FREE FILE Rhode Island is one of 20 states that offer the free file program to taxpayers. The free service is made possible by Free File, a partnership between the Internal Revenue Service, the Tax Department of Rhode Island, a number of other states, and the Free File Alliance. The Free File Alliance is a group of industry leading private tax preparation companies that have agreed to offer free commercial online tax preparation and electronic filing. Note that if you do not meet the Free File requirements, you may be charged a fee for filing your taxes electronically.

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