Tax Relief

For houses enhancements, new houses, in Carroll there’s tax relief | opinion

If you are considering a new home or making some improvements or upgrades to your home or rental property, the City of Carroll offers a real incentive for you to consider that we all want to make you aware of.

It’s a tax abatement opportunity and available now. Here’s a little about how it works:

For residential properties within the City of Carroll, the City offers tax abatement on the first $75,000 of actual value added per living quarter by the improvements for a period of five years.

To be eligible for the tax abatement, the improvement must increase the value of the property by at least 10% over its original value. Additionally, it’s important to note that “actual value added” is determined by the County Assessor’s office.

The best example would be adding square footage to an existing residence, or at least a significant-enough improvement that enhances its valuation as determined by the assessor.

The purpose of this incentive is to encourage new construction, or remodeling, renovation, or rehabilitation throughout the city.

This helps “take the sting out” of the high costs associated with those expenses.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or the City Manager Mike Pogge-Weaver at City Hall. Below is our contact information.

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