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Exponential Equations Debuts AI-Primarily based Tax Planning Method Centered on Empowering Companies To Win

Exponential Equations offers holistic, one-stop tax planning solutions for successful business owners up to $25M in revenue.

March 10, 2022 – What began as a dream for two successful financial advisors in Houston, Texas has become a reality for Exponential Equations cofounders Josh Hohenstein and Lee Daniels when they launched their potentially industry-disrupting tax planning firm in early 2022.

Over the last four years tax laws have become increasingly difficult to monitor, manage, and keep up with. For many business owners, making an election to be in a certain tax position meant big opportunity costs, lots of time required, and unguaranteed results. Exponential Equations has set out to be the ones to solve this problem.

As integrated financial advisors, consultants, and accountants Exponential Equations specializes in helping businesses with up to $25 million in revenue get off auto-pilot and focus on using technology to monitor over 75,000 pages of tax code for updates and changes with a measure twice, cut Once methodology using accountants and CPAs. They go a step further and break conventional methods of doing business by using a single annual fee, paid monthly.

Through their brand, Exponential Equations helps business owners build a customize team of professionals to help them protect, run, grow, scale, and exit their business. Tax rates, laws, regulations, and policy alone have changed a dozen times in the last four years and it is unlikely with current debt levels that it will become any less complex, or complicated than it is today.

Exponential Equations works at the intersection of experience and technology to deliver powerful one-stop solutions for business owners that include Business Consulting, Investment Management, Company Benefits Design, Culture, Incentive Programs, Tax Consulting, Exit Planning, Retirement Planning, and Estate Strategies.

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