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Enterprise Intel: In Roanoke | a brand new tax preparation workplace is opened enterprise premises

Shmura Glenn opened the Speedy Tax Service in the A. Byron Smith Office Complex, named after her father, in Roanoke.

CASEY FABRIS, The Roanoke Times

Just in time for the tax season, a new company starts offering tax preparation services in Roanoke.

Shmura Glenn brought Fast tax service to Roanoke from Georgia. The company opened in Macon in 2001, and Glenn, a Roanoke native who was living there at the time, helped the founder get it up and running.

When Glenn returned to Roanoke in 2007, she continued to help Speedy Tax, mostly with their clients in Macon, but also with some local clients. This year she finally opened a Roanoke operation.

Glenn said she moved back to Roanoke to help her father with his business. Smith Energy, formerly known as A. Byron Smith Oil Co. She runs the Speedy Tax Service in the same office building.

Glenn said she had always considered opening her own local tax preparation firm, but the decision to do so definitively was partly due to the pandemic.

“Now is the time when things will try to help people get the most out of whatever opportunities they can, given the difficulties we are going through at this time,” said Glenn.

Speedy Tax, which serves individuals and businesses, has special introductory offers to attract new customers, Glenn said. She emphasized that the company with five tax advisors is customer-friendly.

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