Corporate Tax

Eire is doing the wise factor with company tax

I’m a big fan of Fintan O’Toole, even if I might be perceived as the ideological opposite. Black Hole, Green Card was the first of his books that I read in the mid-1990s, and I still have my well-flipped volume and almost all of his subsequent works. His books will be read 20 years from now and beyond, for a sometimes contentious, sometimes inconvenient, and always insightful perspective on Ireland.

O’Toole’s opinion articles are like that too, which makes them a must-read. I often agree with them (the more I agree, the older I get), but sometimes I disagree with them violently – but as a reader you want that. For me, however, his piece In the Irish Times last Tuesday, “Ireland is both immoral and stupid about corporate tax,” was a damning conclusion based on a misunderstanding.

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