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Editorial: Cover tax breaks? The state can do higher | editorial employees

And some property owners who hire someone to do their taxes decided it wasn’t worth paying their builder more to file another form.

We suspect this could be different this winter, if word gets around that they’ll be splitting $ 548 million into LB 1107 credits this year, instead of a quarter that much.

But, thank goodness, if senators want Nebraskans to know they are serious about the property tax break, why not where they can see it?

North Platte actual property tax bills for 2021 this December will be only 1.4% lower than last December. This is because only one of the two state tax breaks – the smaller one – is on it.

We can think of better ways to bring about noticeable real estate tax relief (remembering our prediction that these credits will go away the next time government budgets run low):

»The legislature could have added this year’s quadrupling of the tax credit financing of LB 1107 to the older property tax credit fund.

Then North Platte’s December net tax bill – with both tax credits, not just one – would be 15.4% lower than last year with just one credit.

Don’t you think people wouldn’t notice?

“Or how about the state using income taxes again to relieve property tax, how about a 30-year-old promise?

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