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Dundalk Chamber is internet hosting a free webinar on household succession and tax planning

The Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with UHY Farrelly Dawe White Limited, is hosting a webinar on Family Succession and Tax Planning on Thursday, June 10th, 10 am-11pm via Zoom.

This event aims to educate local entrepreneurs about the options available to them as they reflect on the future of their business and plan the tax implications associated with passing their business on to the next generation.

Niall Donnelly, Head of Taxes at UHY FDW, will present various topics including estate planning, changes in tax law, tax relief and the effects of Brexit.

In these extraordinary times, estate planning is a priority for many people. Entrepreneurs have started to make or revise their will to ensure that plans are in place to pass wealth to the next generation in a tax efficient manner.

“Like many of our customers at UHY FDW, it would be understandable if you were concerned about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on your daily life,” said Donnelly. “Covid-19 has created a truly unprecedented situation that affects us all.” . It has made us all wonder how we can best take care of those who are here or who will come in the future. “

“During these extraordinary times, people have focused their minds on their estate planning needs and making or revising their wills, ensuring that plans are made to pass on wealth to the next generation.”

Estate planning is so much more than just making a will, it is a well thought out and conscious process. The overall goal is to remove insecurities and financial difficulties for you, your family, and the beneficiaries. It’s never too early to start planning your estate.

There are several lucrative tax breaks available for both you and your beneficiaries that should be maximized through forward planning. Brexit affected some of these easements, and it is important that older estate planning cues are reviewed in light of them.

The webinar covers estate planning, changes in tax law and tax relief. To book your free space, call Brenda at Dundalk Chamber on 042 9336343, email or register online at succession-tax-planning-webinar.

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