Tax Preparation

Drury College’s free tax preparation help was postponed Monday

Drury University announced that the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offered by Drury University students at the Breech School of Business Administration will not take place on Monday due to the severe winter weather in the area.

The make-up appointment for availability on Monday is Monday, February 22nd, from 4pm to 8pm.

Drury officials are reminding community members who would seek help with their income taxes of changes in this year’s process to help with COVID-19 precautions:

  • Drury offers a drop-off service. Taxpayers can file taxes on a walk-through basis and then schedule an appointment to collect the completed tax returns.
  • To limit contact, only the taxpayer and spouse should be present to submit the forms. Children and other parties are asked not to accompany the taxpayer unless such accompaniment is necessary to assist them.
  • Taxpayers are asked to wear masks when entering the building and to bring a mobile phone to facilitate contact.
  • Enter the Breech building through the doors at the north end of the building. Once inside, taxpayers will put their names and cell phone numbers on a list and asked to return to their cars to wait for a call.
  • To avoid close contact and the spread of COVID-19, taxpayers are not allowed to gather in the building before the dispensing clinic opens or while waiting for delivery.

Another VITA meeting is planned for Wednesday. Drury officials will announce closer on Wednesday whether this event will take place as planned.

All returns are submitted electronically unless the IRS requests a written return. All taxpayers must be available to sign appropriate forms before taxes can be completed on joint tax returns.

All taxpayers must provide:

  • Photo ID and social security cards for yourself and your relatives
  • All tax documents they received including all W-2 forms, 1099 forms, and brokerage returns.
  • A copy of their state and federal tax returns for 2019 to help speed the filing process.

Drury said that due to federal government regulations, this service is not available to individuals who: filed or filed for bankruptcy during the tax year, have rental properties, have their own business with inventory, have depreciable real estate, or have had an aggregate loss for the year and certain situations where a taxpayer has received debt relief.

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