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Trump has shown dishonor for democracy

What an insane nation the United States has become! We have become so irrational that a mafia leader like John Gotti would have been as acceptable as Trump! The world must be wondering how craziness has taken over American politics.

The only sane thing is to understand that Republican officeholders are not afraid of Trump but of the astounding polarized electorate that would not re-elect them for showing any moral courage! We now live in a county that values ​​conspiracy theories and personal success over morality. Conventional conservativism is no longer part of the Republican party, it has become just a political cult that wants total control at any cost and depends on its deplorable constituents.

How ironic it has become when Boris Johnson the prime minister of Britain could lose his career over partying during the national lockdown and Trump can advocate insurrection with no consequences. We have had lots of questionable characters in our politics, but none of them played president by their own rules with total disdain for democracy.

Richard Hansen

love country

Trump has admitted his guilt regarding Jan. 6

For anyone out there who had some doubt about the insurrection of Jan. 6 and if the previous president had anything to do about it, I refer you to the admission of his guilt as he stated out loud at a rally that he wanted his VP to “overturn the election.” This is not “using the wrong phrase” or speaking in generics, this is his admission of guilt. In addition it’s evident he would do it again if
given the chance and is calling for protests again based upon the big lie and his childish narcissism. Whether he is ever dictated for his actions none of us can know, but when someone tells you they want to overturn an election and will try it again, believe them.

This behavior should not be hard to disavow by everyone in this country, regardless of party. The Constitution demands no less. We all deserve better.

Richard Day


IRS has the information and can prepare our taxes for us

The IRS already has all the information that the vast majority of US taxpayers must use to file their taxes. Why can’t we have the IRS figure out our taxes and stop this charade that benefits no one except tax preparation firms?

As Beverly Moran, professor emeritus of law at Vanderbilt University, stated in the Brooklyn Eagle:

“Unfortunately, the anti-tax contingent’s desire to force Americans to spend time and money on tax preparation dovetails with the tax preparation industry’s desire to collect billions of dollars in fees.

“Tax preparation companies lobby Congress to keep tax preparation costly and complicated. Indeed, Intuit, maker of TurboTax, the tax preparation software, has listed government tax preparation as a threat to its business model. …

“In other words, it seems the tax preparation industry has kept the system complicated because the potential cost to it in terms of lost revenue is vast.”

Why should the profits of private tax preparation firms be so sacrosanct and of higher priority than the US Treasury and millions of taxpayers? Surely the lobbyists should not have such overriding importance and influence! Hopefully Rep. Neguse, Sen. Bennet, and Sen. Hickenlooper can demonstrate that our Congress is not impotent in the face of special interests.

Joseph Mondello

love country

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