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DeSantis presents plan to “ease the gasoline tax”

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (NSF) – To counter inflation, Governor Ron DeSantis said Monday he would urge lawmakers to temporarily “zero” state gas taxes next year.

DeSantis continued to contrast its economic approach to the Biden White House, saying the proposed “gas tax break” of about 25 cents a gallon could give the average Florida family up to $ 200 over a five to six month period save while reducing government revenue by more than $ 1 billion. DeSantis wants lawmakers to approve it during the January 11th legislature.

“We have always been very strong about tax breaks in Florida. We did things like athlete relief (a sales tax “vacation” around July 4th). We did back-to-school (tax vacation). We did all of that. And that’s good. But I think that’s really big, ”DeSantis said at a Buc-ee’s convenience store in Daytona Beach.

Later, at a Daily supermarket in Jacksonville, DeSantis said, “It is clearly not going to eradicate all inflation because it has risen so much. But it’s going to make a real difference in people’s paperbacks. And I think we’ll get a lot of good support for that. “

Called the proposal a “phenomenal idea”, Arch “Beaver” Aplin III, owner of Texas’ Buc-ee’s chain, said he believed “most companies” will cut pump prices when the discount goes into effect.

“If that actually happens and they cut the tax, we will immediately reset the pumps by the entire 25 cents the day they cut them,” Aplin said.

Florida has deep financial reserves due to the federal COVID-19 stimulus money, and DeSantis said the reduction in gas tax revenue won’t hinder the state’s Department of Transportation’s annual road program.

“We do infrastructure, not just roads, including roads, including water resources, all of that,” DeSantis said. “We have probably never had such strong reserves in the history of the state. So we have the opportunity to help people and I don’t think we will miss anything. “

Meanwhile, the AAA Auto Club reported that prior to the Thanksgiving holiday in Florida, gasoline prices rose 10 cents last week to an average of $ 3.36 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline.

The grade is the highest for the state since September 2014.

Last year, when motorists cut trips because of COVID-19, gasoline sold for an average of $ 2.03 per gallon when they went on vacation. Two years ago, the average was $ 2.44 per gallon.

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