Tax Relief

Delaware residents set to obtain $300 in tax relief

DELAWARE – Residents of the first state will soon receive a 1-time relief rebate check for $300.

The state treasurer, Colleen Davis, is leading the effort for residents to get the checks in the mail. This comes after the passing of House Bill 360.

“As a member of the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC), I’m pleased to be part of the team that identified the state’s current surplus, enabling members of the General Assembly to propose and pass this critical legislation. Thanks to bipartisan support from leaders in the General Assembly, Governor Carney quickly signed the legislation that now allows our office to begin processing the checks,” Davis said.

The Office of State Treasurer and its banking partner, JP Morgan Chase, hold the responsibility for the process of the disputes of these tax rebate checks. The Office explored all options available and developed the most secure and efficient method of printing and distributing the checks as quickly as possible.

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