Tax Relief

DeJear says Reynolds ought to deal with crucial points now, tax breaks later

Deidre DeJear. (Photo courtesy DeJear Campaign.)

Deidre DeJear, the leading Democrat in the running for governor in 2022, says the state is at a “very critical moment” and Republican Governor Kim Reynolds should do more to address the weaknesses in Iowa’s health and education systems Finding ways to attract more workers to the state.

“These challenges are incredible distractions in relation to our growth opportunity,” De Jear said in an interview with Radio Iowa. “That’s how I see our state right now.”

Tonight, Reynolds will deliver the governors’ annual “state speech” to the legislature in January. Reynolds has announced that it will come up with a bold but practical plan to cut Iowan’s income taxes. DeJear said it too will release a targeted tax break plan later this year, but DeJear said the state must address Iowan’s critical needs right now.

“I believe tax cuts should be the least of our concerns right now, in terms of priority issues,” DeJear said. “Our concern at the moment should be how we can get this state up and running again so that it is good for the entire state.”

DeJear said while Reynolds supports private school vouchers, Iowan’s plans to rebuild public schools in the state. And DeJear said Iowans are desperate for Covid testing options, but Reynolds sent millions back in federal aid that could have been used to test students and school staff.

“I would like to see a prioritization of the problems that are happening with us, solve them,” she said, “and work out plans that could enable us never to go back here.”

DeJear said Iowans also say they are still lacking mental health services and the state of Iowa needs to address this crisis as well.

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