Personal Taxes

Defend Your Information: Do not electronic mail personal tax or bank card info or retailer it on WVU computer systems | e-news

Information Technology Services reminds employees they should never store personal credit card numbers, social security numbers or tax information on university-owned computers or transmit that information by email. These practices put your privacy and financial information at risk.

All employees should have received a paper copy of their W-2 from WVU Tax Services, but W-2 forms also can be printed via the portal. Connect to the VPN first if you are off campus, click on the MyHR tab in the Restricted Apps section, and select W2 Information. Do not download or save a copy of this document to any University-owned or -managed computer or tablet.

Storing Social Security and credit card numbers on University machines is also prohibited under the University’s Sensitive Data Policy and Social Security Number Protection Policy, except where required by state or federal law for business purposes.

The Acceptable Use Policy gives the University the right to monitor technology resources to ensure compliance with various policies, and employees should have no expectation of privacy when using a WVU technology resource, including email and computers.

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