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Corry, UC College Boards OK Property Tax Aid | information

Property owners residing in the Corry Area School District and Union City Area School District receive a tax break if they qualify for the Homestead / Farmstead Act.

The Corry and Union City school councils passed resolutions on Law 1 of the 2006 Special Session or the Taxpayers Exemption Act during their June meetings.

Pennsylvania legislature passed Law 1 on June 27, 2006.

The law allows school districts to lower property taxes for homestead / homestead owners, with funding provided through gaming revenue. A homestead / homestead must be inhabited in order to receive the discount.

The Budget Secretary for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania confirmed on April 15 that $ 631,300,000 is available to fund a property tax break for school districts across the state.

Of this amount, CASD’s share is $ 526,170.75 and UCASD’s share is $ 334,325.

The district must calculate an exclusion amount based on the number of qualified homesteads and homesteads and the amount allocated by the state.

There are 3,011 Approved Homesteads and 101 Approved Homesteads in the Corry Area School District. The maximum property tax reduction applicable to any approved property is $ 170.56.

The Union City Area School District calculated a homestead exclusion of $ 228 and a homestead exclusion of $ 228 to help reduce the school district’s property taxes.

The resolutions also stipulate that the district administration will take all necessary or reasonable measures to carry out the intent of the resolution, including, but not limited to, preparing and sending the district tax assessments.

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