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Company tax consultancy DMA proclaims growth into Europe

FORT WAYNE, Ind., February 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc. (DMA), an industry-leading corporate tax consultancy, is proud to announce its expansion Europe, with headquarters in Germany.

With the Wayfair Court’s decision significantly increasing the number of businesses required to collect sales tax in the US, navigating the US’s complex maze of state and local tax systems has continued to be a challenge for even the most demanding US tax departments. For a company based outside the United States with sales or operations within the United States, meeting its sales and tax compliance obligations can be a nightmare.

At the same time, European countries are starting to enact indirect tax compliance rules in real time and lowering their tax collection thresholds (including taking into account the tax collection requirements for market intermediaries). As a result, global companies with a European presence are increasingly facing formidable tax compliance challenges.

Unfortunately, the functionality of the corporate business systems of these companies is often not robust enough to effectively manage the full range of calculations, remittances, and document management / retention requirements (sales tax, usage and sales tax). For this reason, complex, global companies want to automate their transaction tax compliance processes not only for their US and Canadian operations, but also for comprehensive, global solutions.

According to Justin Reinard, Executive Vice President of Tax Technology at DMA: “There are over 12,000 tax jurisdictions in the US alone. We recognize that our European clients with offices in the US can be overwhelmed by the complexities of US taxation, and we believe they can is the case with a European presence. ” We will be better able to support these customers with their US tax automation needs. As global tax scenarios become more complex, we also see an increased need for ours North AmericaCustomers who want to automate their global tax processes. “

The tax technology experts at DMA combine the customers’ ERP systems with software that automates tax calculations for purchase and sale transactions and optimizes the associated reporting to the responsible tax authorities. Not only does this take the pressure off a company’s tax, IT, and accounting teams, but it also improves compliance.

“In recent years, tax automation has shifted. Companies have moved closer to it from a global perspective, more countries have increased the size and complexity of their tax regimes, and tax compliance for global companies with a US presence has increased,” said DMA President and CEO Dan hatter. “With many companies currently considering deploying tax software globally rather than just the US, DMA’s expanded presence will help us better serve our global customers.”

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A proud employee-owned company, DMA has worked with many of the world’s largest corporations since 1972 to solve their tax challenges. DMA experts focus on eight key areas of corporate taxation – property tax, sales / use and goods tax, state income and franchise tax, tax technology, sales tax, customs and duties, crown fees and unclaimed property – and help businesses minimize their taxes , Improve the efficiency of your tax administration through industry-leading technology solutions and manage your tax compliance obligations. To learn more about DMA, visit

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DMA – DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.
DMA – DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.

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