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Capitol Recap: The governor’s finances focuses on corporate authorities and coverage adjustments

Republican lawmakers representing the state’s 12th, 13th, 15th, and 18th Congressional Districts made a joint statement:

“Illinois House spokesman Michael Madigan has been the permanent force in the state’s government during the steady decline of Illinois over the past two decades. He ruined our state finances and pushed the policies that brought our state to its knees. During his half century in office, Madigan has accompanied tax increases, budget deficits, retirement holidays, debt, and job cutting regulations through the General Assembly, while at the same time accumulating a tremendous amount of personal political power and enriching himself through his property tax appeals to the law firm. Because of Madigan’s failure to lead, families in Illinois voted with their feet and left our state in droves.

“Illinois will be better off without Spokesman Madigan having the final say on public policy, but let’s not forget that he is still the leader of the Illinois Democratic Party and has a huge influence on politics in our state. And let’s be clear – Madigan is not stepping down on his own terms. He is stepping down from grace because he was involved in a federal corruption investigation that has already brought charges against several of his close associates. Even if Madigan’s term ends, he should not avoid prosecution for crimes he may have committed while in office. The federal prosecutor’s office should continue its investigation into the year-long bribery program put in place on behalf of Spokesman Madigan.

“While Madigan may no longer run the state government, the ramifications of his agenda and poor political choices will be felt for generations to come. We, along with the people of Illinois, welcome his resignation from public office, but now is the time to work on reforming the state government so that no other politician like Madigan never accumulates and exercises power. “

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