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Cache County Extends Tax Break Deadline – Cache Valley Each day

CACHE COUNTY – Cache County Council members unanimously voted on August 24 to extend the 2021 deadline for residents to November 30 to apply for tax breaks.

This vote came in response to a request from Dianna Schaeffer, the district’s deputy auditor.

We know these are times when tax breaks are needed“, Says Schäfer. “We want all eligible applicants to be able to apply for and receive the tax breaks they qualify for.”

For example, in 2020 Cache County granted approximately 855 qualified residents more than $ 1.1 million in property tax breaks.

Under state law, requests for property tax exemption must be submitted by September 1, but councilors’ vote has extended that deadline by 90 days.

Cache County’s various tax breaks include one for military veterans with service-related disabilities; another for active service members; and others for blind, low-income, and destitute residents.

“Most applications (for a property tax reduction) have to be submitted annually,” explains Schaeffer. “The exception to this is the exception for disabled veterans. This only needs to be renewed if the circumstances, such as the disability percentage or a change of residence, change.

Applicants should be aware that only their main residence and up to one hectare of land are eligible for property tax relief. “

The district’s tax relief programs for low-income and poor residents are commonly referred to as ancillary or hardship programs.

Schaeffer says these programs are for homeowners with incomes below the statutory level. Because applicants for these forms of relief must prove eligibility through a time-consuming financial documentation process, district officials urge residents to begin this process immediately each year.

The so-called circuit breaker program is designed to help low-income, senior taxpayers and adults over the age of 66 with a gross income of less than $ 34,666. Eligible residents must complete an application and provide documents for the previous year’s income review determined by the district auditor’s office.

According to Schaeffer, hardship assistance is regulated on a case-by-case basis. Residents applying for this type of relief are required to complete an application and supplementary package of documents for low income. Each application for hardship tax relief is individually reviewed by the members of the Cache County Council.

The Blind Resident Tax Relief Program exempts the first $ 11,500 of property from taxation. For quality, residents must submit an application and a statement from a licensed ophthalmologist confirming legal blindness.

Active service members can qualify for tax breaks if they can provide documents demonstrating qualifying military service for 200 days or more in a contiguous 365 day period. Documentation required for this program includes an application and travel vouchers detailing actual dates being served outside of Utah.

The Disabled Veterans Tax Relief Program requires a Certificate of Dismissal (DD-214) and a military statement detailing the percentage of service-related disability that must be submitted with the resident’s initial application.

Application forms for all of the county’s tax relief programs are available online at

“Our office is honored to help members of our community with questions about these tax breaks,” added Schaeffer. “Residents can contact us in person at the Tax Administration Office, 179 North Main Street, Suite 112, or by calling 435-755-1706 during regular business hours on weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.”

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