Corporate Tax

Burgis and Bullock saves clients almost £ 1 million in corporate tax

Burgis and Bullock announced that it has helped customers save nearly £ 1 million in corporate tax through R&D tax breaks.

The company, with offices in Leamington, Nuneaton, Rugby and Stratford-upon-Avon, saved its customers £ 950,000 in corporate tax during the pandemic.

The firm’s specialized tax department has been helping companies across a variety of industries, including engineering and IT, benefit from research and development tax breaks since late 2019.

The largest single claim was close to £ 250,000 in tax savings, with each of the next five largest claims averaging over £ 55,000 in cash tax breaks.

Anne Rose, Tax Director at Burgis and Bullock, said: “Despite the pandemic, companies are still looking to innovate and push boundaries, and research and development tax breaks are one of the ways the government will support these projects.

“The companies we have supported range from traditional engineering and IT companies to more unusual companies involved in lighting design and production, as well as the design and manufacture of children’s play equipment.”

She added: “Ambitious companies shouldn’t let the effects of the pandemic deter them from innovating in their field or sector.”

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