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Brookings Register | Brookings AARP Basis TaxAide is providing free tax preparation beginning February 15th

BROOKINGS – The Brookings AARP Foundation TaxAide is offering free individual income tax preparation for the 2020 tax year starting February 15, 2021.

These services are aimed at low and middle income people. The Internal Revenue Service doesn’t accept filings before February 12th.

Appointments are required and face-to-face contact is being restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Individuals should call 605-651-9727 and leave their name and phone number. A volunteer will contact you.

If the group is able to file an individual’s tax return, they will be given instructions on where to bring their tax documents. Individuals are asked not to make an appointment until they have all of the 2020 tax documents. This includes social security returns, Rs 1099 for pensions or IRAs, 1099 INT for interest, 1099 DIV for dividends, 1099 B for sales of stocks or bonds, 1099 MISC for other income, W 2 for wages, W2G for unemployment benefit 1099-NEC for self-employed income, a record of fiscal 2020 fiscal year stimulus payments received including payments received in January 2021 and any other 2020 tax documents received.

Those who have a Health Care Account (HSA) or have paid tuition fees will need the 2020 tax documents, which may only be available online. Even those who do not disclose deductions can apply for an income adjustment of up to $ 300 for monetary gifts to charities and should provide documentation supporting the donation.

All individuals, including the volunteers, must wear masks that cover both their nose and mouth, and everyone must be within 6 feet of social separation. Those seeking tax preparation must bring a government-issued ID such as a driver’s license to verify their identity, as well as proof of their social security number and the social security numbers of everyone on their tax return.

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