Corporate Tax

Biden begins infrastructure negotiations that sign flexibility in corporate tax hike

WASHINGTON – President Biden and a non-partisan group of lawmakers discussed how to pay for his $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure package during a meeting at the White House Monday, according to attendees.

During the roughly two-hour discussion, Republicans said they were still against a corporate tax hike and pushed for a tighter package. Mr Biden was open to breaking his proposal into smaller pieces and considering different payment methods, according to the legislature attending the meeting.

The meeting was the last in a series the White House held on Capitol Hill with lawmakers concerned with infrastructure finance and policy. However, it will be the first since Mr Biden introduced his framework.

Mr Biden, who was in the Oval Office ahead of the legislature meeting, said he was ready to negotiate “the scope of the infrastructure project and how we will pay for it”.

“I think everyone recognizes that we need to significantly improve the infrastructure. It will depend on what we call infrastructure, ”he said, citing water and broadband internet as examples. “I am confident that everything will work perfectly.”

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