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AARP Will Supply Free Tax Preparation Providers | Native information

The AARP Tax Aide program has announced the opening of its 2022 tax season and is accepting appointments for free tax advisory services from February 1st to April 18th from January 4th. You do not have to be an AARP member to use this service.

Due to COVID-19, normal operations and tax preparation will be slightly different from previous years. All sides are required by appointment only and face covering for all visitors and volunteers.

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When you arrive for your appointment, hand over all of your documents to a volunteer tax advisor who will interview you about the information you provided and have you sign a waiver allowing you to keep the documents in your possession while you are away .

You will then leave the tax prep room and wait in your car or in the library. Upon completion, you will be called and asked to return to the room where you submitted your documents.

Your taxes will be discussed with you and all your questions will be answered. Once you have approved your return, it will be electronically filed.

When you make an appointment, you will receive an admission / interview form that must be completed before your appointment. You will also receive another document telling you what to bring to the library for your appointment.

To make an appointment, visit or call a Citrus County Library. Each library can make an appointment for you at any location.

The following locations will open this year:

  • Central Ridge Library, 425 W. Roosevelt Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Call 352-746-6622.
  • Citrus Springs Memorial Library, 1826 W. Country Club Blvd. Call 352-489-2313.
  • Littoral Library, 8619 W. Crystal St. in Crystal River. Call 795-3716.
  • Crystal River Moose Lodge, 1855 S. Suncoast Blvd. in Homosassa. Call 352-795-2795.
  • Floral City Public Library, 8360 E. Orange Ave. Call 352-726-3671.
  • Homosassa Public Library, 4100 S. Grandmarch Ave. Call 352-628-5626.
  • Library of the Lakes Region, 1511 Druid Road, Inverness. Call 352-726-2357.

When making an appointment, the opening times and opening times are available to you.

As in other years, there are limits to the tax situations they can help with. For more information on the usual restrictions, see the information sheet available at library locations.

When you arrive to do your taxes, you will need the following information: proof of identity (e.g. driver’s license) for all household members who are listed on your taxes, social security cards for everyone, all tax documents received and the completed information sheet you come with have received the appointment.

Also, bring a copy of your 2019 and 2020 tax returns if you have them. In some cases they are needed to correctly complete your return. If you have a cell phone, please bring it with you.

Season plans may change if the status of the pandemic changes. For more information, email

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